Iraq: left opposition denounces elections

Declaration of the Left Worker-Communist Party of Iraq-LWPI Regarding the “Elections” of December 15, 2005

Amidst the current grim situation in Iraq, the bourgeois media is escalating its propaganda for the so-called governmental elections to be held on December 15, 2005.

Our party has previously condemned earlier elections and the so-called referendum on the reactionary Islamic “constitution”, and the whole process as hijacking of people’s will. These processes are conducted by the illegitimate authorities imposed by America. Our party has also considered this process as far from establishing a civil or a secular government. Rather, it aims to consolidate the alternative of the US by legitimizing its Islamic-nationalists and tribal collaborators’ presence in power.

Today, our party renews its condemning position to the so-called elections and work diligently to discredit it among the people. It endeavors to explain its real intentions which are diametrically opposed to the peoples’ interests. The persistence of the same political conditions, i.e. the absence of appropriate atmospheres for holding any elections with democratic and free standards, the increasing lack of normal conditions in the society especially security and safety, and the domination of the US-UK forces and the Islamic-nationalist militias, all gather to restore our position against this process as yet another exposed confiscation of the volition of millions in Iraq. The government, for which they are drumming up the “democratic” elections, is in fact the same Islamic and nationalist pro-US militias currently trying to force people to legitimize them through “elections”.

Our party calls for the people to refrain from participating in this sham and to denounce it as deep-routing of the Dark Scenario forces and its domination on the destiny of the society. These forces will topple all people’s aspirations for a secular government and a civil society based on equality, human rights, and the widest forms of individual and civil liberties. They will rather deepen sectarianism, inequality, and fragmentation of society by identifying citizens according to their religions, sects, genders, and ethnicities.

We call upon all egalitarian, freedom-loving, leftist, and secularist forces to condemn this act of forgery to the will of the people, who are longing for freedom and equality away from the terrorism and suppression of both the US and the Islamic and nationalists’ reactionary groups.

The Left Worker-Communist Party of Iraq — LWPI, Nov. 26

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  1. Under threat of assassination

    The Murderous Gangs of Political Islam Commit a Heinous Crime Against our Comrade Maitham Najah

    The murderous hands of Political Islamic gangs, have assassinated, last month, our party member comrade Maitham Najah while spreading the words of socialism and equality among workers, youth, women, and students of Baghdad. The brutal crime was committed in Al Sifina neighborhood. After killing the comrade, the Islamic gang dislodged his family to an unknown destiny.

    Our party strongly condemns this atrocious Islamic terrorist crime and pledges to do its best to hand the criminals to justice. It is the intrinsic tenet of Political Islam to use assassinations and coward elimination of communists, libertarians, and all freedom loving people.

    The tragic situation in Iraq, created by the terrorist struggle between the US occupying forces and the gangs of Political Islam, as well as the lack of security, are all but results of the criminal war launched on the people of Iraq causing the collapse and destruction of its civil society. The killing of our brave comrade is part of the bigger crimes committed daily against the people of Iraq by the two sides of international terrorism; the US and Political Islam.

    Our party offers its warmest condolences to the comrades, friends, and acquaintances of our dear Maitham. We specially offer our cordial condolences to the family and brothers of our comrade and wish them to endure the pain of these sad moments. Comrade Maitham has paid the utmost price for the most noble and humane cause and sacrificed his life in defense of all the deprived people of Iraq.

    Our struggle for socialism, equality, and freedom will strongly continue. Such coward crimes will never stop our humane trend from bursting on.

    Long live the memory of the brave comrade Maitham Najah!

    Long live the memory of all those who sacrificed their precious lives for socialism!

    The Left Worker-Communist Party of Iraq – LWPI

    Oct. 30, 2005