Iraq: labor leader assassinated

From the Iraq Freedom Congress:

The assassination of Tariq Mahdi is part of a series of crimes committed by the sectarian militias

On August 18, 2006, the sectarian militias in Mahmoodya city (25 Km south of Baghdad) assassinated the secretary of the trade union of health services employees and IFC member Tariq Mahdi.

Tariq Mahdi was one of the activists who strongly condemned the sectarian violence that erupted because of the conflict among political Islamic groups (both Shiite and Sunni).

He was also a courageous figure who stood against occupation and worked effortlessly to mobilize people to condemn the crimes of the occupying troops. The endless actions of Tariq Mahdi against occupation and terrorism and his work in recruiting people to join IFC undermined the influence of the sectarian gangs where he was operating because of which they determined to assassinate him.

The assassination of Tariq Mahdi shows the world the viciousness of those sectarian groups who are operating in Iraq today. It also proves that they have no place in society and cannot survive without killing and beheading their opponents.

The assassination of Tariq Mahdi will not discourage us from continuing our struggle to end the occupation and sectarian divisions and bring about freedom and prosperity.

As we extend our deepest and sincere condolences to his family and comrades, we in IFC pledge to follow his steps toward a better world for humanity.

Tariq Mahdi shall be glorious
Down with the sectarian gangs’ terrorism

Iraq Freedom Congress
August 19, 2006

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  1. Tariq Mahdi was the 3rd Iraqi labor leader killed this year
    I fear for the union and IFC members who are standing up for their fellow citizens. No one else is. But truly, what else can they do? What is left besides organizing the populace to oppose both sectarian gangs and the US occupation?

    Their cause is the only just one.

    Thank you, Bill, for following these actions.