Iraq Freedom Congress statement on fifth anniversary of occupation

From the Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC), April 9:

On the Fifth Anniversary of the Occupation

The 9th of April marks the fifth anniversary of the occupation. It is the anniversary of the genocide in which more than 1 million lives have been lost and 4 million others were made homeless inside and outside Iraq. It is the anniversary of the destruction of everything that relates to humanity.

On this day the US administration began its hypocrisy and lies to justify the launching of history’s dirtiest war. The lies started with the claims that weapons of mass destruction existed, then they claimed they were combating terrorism and finally the administration said it was bringing democracy to Iraq and the entire Middle East. This “democracy,” in fact, has brought chaos, destruction, daily killings because of sectarian cleansing and the murdering of women along with the crimes committed by the occupation forces and the gangs that they brought along with them.

After five years, the occupation forces and allies have exhausted their lies and demonstrated to the world that wherever they land, the destruction, devastation and tragedy will land with them. After five years, the traitors and plotters who blessed the invasion of Iraq at a London Conference in December 2002 have begun to fall one by one. These plotters who came in on occupation tanks have proven that they are nothing but leaders of militias and corruption. They couldn’t even sustain harmony among themselves as they resorted to armed conflict to solve their issues.

After five years of occupation, Iraq has been turned into the biggest base for terrorism in the world where all criminal gangs are wandering around without any deterrent.

And sadly, after five years of occupation, personal safety has become the elusive dream of millions of Iraqis. Minimum living standards and sustained biological existence are things of the past.

Let’s declare this day one of protest and objection. Let’s declare on this day that there can be:

“No security or stability without ending the occupation.”

“No security or stability without dissolving the institutions imposed by the occupation.”

“No security or stability without revoking the occupation policy, a policy of ethnic and sectarian division of human beings in Iraq by imposing groups that gave legitimacy to all crimes committed by the occupation forces and their allies.”

Let’s chant on this day:

“No Shiite. No Sunni. Occupation is the enemy of humanity”

Let’s shout:

“…No Shiite. No Sunni… Ours is a human identity”

“No to occupation … No to sectarian gangs!”

Let the occupying forces realize that April 9th is a day of protest against the occupation and its crimes and that they are responsible for the disasters that befell Iraq and they must be expelled once and for all.

Iraq Freedom Congress

April 9, 2008

Working For a Democratic, Secular and Progressive Alternative to both the US Occupation and Political Islam in Iraq

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