ICE arrests 332 in South Florida

In a two-week operation that ended April 4, ICE agents from the Miami Fugitive Operations Team arrested 332 people for violating immigration laws. Michael Rozos, ICE Florida Field Office Director for the Office of Detention and Removal, announced the results of the enforcement action at an April 7 news conference in Miami. ICE arrested 147 people in Miami-Dade, 104 in Broward County and 81 in Palm Beach. According to ICE, 300 of those arrested were what the agency calls “fugitives,” immigrants who had failed to comply with final orders of deportation. ICE said the other 32 people arrested “were immigration violators…who have been convicted of various crimes.” Those arrested came from countries including Angola, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mauritania, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Surinam, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Out of the total 332 people arrested, 68 who were verified as sole caregivers or having medical concerns were released on orders of supervision and placed on the Alternatives to Detention Program (ATD), which according to ICE “has provided effective community based supervision to eligible aliens.” The rest of those arrested were detained. (ICE news release, April 7; Miami Herald, April 7)

From Immigration News Briefs, April 11

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