Iran: uprising against morality police

Hundreds of angry youth clashed with anti-riot forces in Tehran Feb. 23 after trying to liberate a young girl who had been arrested by the Islamic Guidance police. The confrontation began in a main square of Tehran after the morality police stopped a young girl walking with her boyfriend and attempted to abscond her into their van. When the girl resisted, she was beaten, and people watching the scene intervened. Riot police arrived, firing in the air and hurling tear gas to break up the protesters. At least 15 were arrested. The Islamic Guidance units are part of a new “Social Protection” project launched last year by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (IPS, Feb. 24)

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  1. people of Iran
    Unfortunately, the western policy against Iran is strenghtened the regime more than it helps the people.
    As long as Iran is threatened as a country, the hard liners will be able to keep their grip on the people, even though young and less young, women or men, are resisting and rallying. The “secret” help given to baloch “resistants” (hard liners islamists themselves) or MEK (hated by the majority of the people for numerous reasons) is useless, and dangerous for the future of Iran.

    The only way to give hope to people in Iran is to soften the international policy against the country. To help Iran to get nuclear energy, as it would be easier to prevent military development. To help Iran economically, to ease tensions in the country and unite people against hard liners.

    Is Iran more dangerous than Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan? Does Israel or Pakistan had signed the nuclear treaties?
    Iran didn’t invade a country since 250 years, which one of regional countries have such a record? Young people in Iran, the majority of the population, wasn’t even born during the revolution. They want freedom, but they don’t want the US (western countries) to destroy their culture and to spoil their ressources. To help Iran would enable Iran to become a friendly country. The only country which could refuse such a deal is Israel, which look for total hegemony in the region.