India: terror targets Muslims in Gujarat, Christians in Karnataka

The conflicted Indian state of Gujarat is on alert after a terror attack in the predominantly Muslim town of Modasa Sept. 29 that killed at least one person and injured 12. Two men on a motorcycle reportedly threw a bomb at a crowded market as residents were shopping for the coming festival of Eid. (IANS, Sept. 30) Over two dozen churches were attacked in Karnataka over the past week. This follows similar clashes in Orissa in which at least 25 people died after the killing of a Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader. A cathedral in Madhya Pradesh was also torched. (IANS, Sept. 28)

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  1. Terror in Malegaon
    A second Sept. 29 attack in Malegaon, Maharashtra, followed the same pattern as that in Modasa, with attackers on a motorcycle hurling a bomb into a market crowded with Muslims, leaving four dead—including two children. (Indian Express, Oct. 1)