ICE raids Colorado concrete company

On July 16, ICE agents arrested 18 immigrant workers at Colorado Precast Concrete Inc. in Loveland, Colo., after executing an administrative search warrant at the plant. The workers were arrested on administrative immigration charges. One is from El Salvador; the others are from Mexico. All were taken to Park County Jail to await removal or a hearing before a federal immigration judge. The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the operation; the Air Branch of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) provided air support.

Colorado Precast Concrete fully cooperated with ICE during the operation and is not expected to face any charges. (ICE news release, July 16) The raid was triggered by a tip. About 100 people work at the company, which manufactures a variety of concrete and iron products such as highway barriers, manholes and storm-drain inlets. (Loveland Connection, July 17)

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) issued a press statement on July 16 denouncing the raid as a “quasi-military operation” that “separated dozens of families and workers, and produced images and horrific accounts reminiscent of previous ICE raids in Greeley, Westminster, Monte Vista, and Pueblo,” Colorado. (CIRC press statement, July 16)

ICE spokesperson Carl Rusnok said no sole caregivers were arrested in the raid. But CIRC director Julien Ross pointed out: “Right now there’s most likely a mother and a child waiting for their father to come home, and so while they’re not sole care provider, we’re talking families being separated.” (Rocky Mountain News, Denver, July 16)

“Raids are not the solution to the outdated and dysfunctional US immigration system,” said Kim Medina of Fuerza Latina, a social justice organization in Fort Collins and Loveland which set up a help line for people affected by the raids. “We need a complete reform of our immigration laws. The criminalization of immigrants is a mean-spirited publicity stunt that only causes more pain and suffering for everyone,” Medina said in the statement. (CIRC press statement, July 16)

Ross said he is encouraged that both presidential candidates agree that comprehensive immigration reform is needed. He said CIRC plans to march in Denver as the city hosts the Aug. 25-28 Democratic National Convention. (AP, July 16)

From Immigration News Briefs, July 20

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  1. ICE ! The illegal immigration saga rolls on…?
    Like it or not both Obama and McCain are going to be confronted with the omnipotent illegal immigration invasion. The simmering addition to all issues, because it has continuous gloomy implications on our economy. Either politician cannot hide it as a secondary problem, because it is equal to the war in Iraq. Even as ICE starts to materialize in raids on pariah businesses. This just nips at the spreading pestilence,that has worried its way into every fiber of American society.

    Both Presidential nominees have courted the special interest caucuses, but as much as they contend to push Americans into another AMNESTY. They will have to bypass the larger portion of the voting public, who see comprehensive immigration reform as a monumental disaster on all taxpayers.

    They might want to push for a path to citizenship, for illegal immigrants,but it still must be voted upon by the Congress. Washington will have to listen to the people, or hide behind close doors to undermined 80 percent of Americans who give this issue a resounding NO! Answers at NUMBERSUSA

    (ICE) does not discriminate, and therefore if any person gets caught offering refuge to ‘illegal aliens’ NOT IMMIGRANTS. They will be arrested for aiding and abetting illegal foreign nationals. Nobody must be exempt from investigation including government contractors, or even employment agencies who employ laborers.

    Today! NOW! (ICE) is now being offered intelligence by the public-at-large. People are becoming ‘informants’ and using their inside knowledge to report suspicious activity regarding fraudulent Social Security Numbers and large numbers of individuals who cannot comprehend English was certain to draw attention. Amongst the illegal aliens who entered our nation came many hard-core criminals, child pedophiles, female attackers, murders, robbers and Social security theft that do not get wide press.

    Ice has a ICE Tipline: 1-866-DHS-2ICE for intelligence to locate illegal aliens, or predatory businesses that employ them. The power to help America has been returned to the general public? If we can only pass the Federal SAVE ACT (H.R.4088) that Democrats are trying to keep away from the public eye. Its funding will build a massive force of interior ICE agents, including 20.000 border patrol enforcement to root out the culprits and the E-verify data base that is 90.5 percent effective.

    This funding is a pittance to what Taxpayers are forced to support currently with federal mandates, such as health care, education and incarceration. If you want your immigration laws fully funded, send your demands to Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Ask her why she is intimidating her members not to endorse the SAVE ACT. (202-224-3121 )