Honduras: uprising against narco-president

Honduras protest

Militant protests have swept through Honduras since the Oct. 18 conviction by a federal jury in New York of the brother of President¬†Juan Orlando Hern√°ndez¬†on narco-trafficking charges. Thousands have filled the streets of cities and towns across the Central American country to demand the resignation of¬†Hern√°ndez. Protesters have repeatedly blocked traffic arteries, erecting¬†barricades¬†with stones and¬†flaming tires. A police transport truck was set on fire in Tegucigalpa. Opposition leader Salvador¬†Nasralla of the Anticorruption Party¬†has thrown his support behind the protests and called on the security forces to stand down, invoking a “right to insurrection” in Article 3 of the Honduran¬†constitution.

Juan Antonio “Tony”¬†Hern√°ndez was convicted in what US prosecutors described as a conspiracy that relied on “state-sponsored drug trafficking.” Prosecutors alleged that Tony served as the conduit for a¬†$1 million bribe to¬†President¬†Hern√°ndez from Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo”¬†Guzm√°n.

The crisis comes just weeks after Honduras signed a deal with Washington to accept diverted migrants seeking asylum in the US.¬†Under the agreement, the US would be able to deport to Honduras any asylum-seekers who passed through the country on the way to the United States’ southern border. (Izquierda Diario,¬†Prensa Latina,¬†Abolition Media Worldwide, AP, BBC News, BBC News, CNN, NYP)

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  1. Honduran convicted in case linked to President Hern√°ndez

    A New York jury found a Honduran man accused of criminal dealings with the country’s President Juan Orlando Hern√°ndez and other high-ranking officials guilty on three counts of drug trafficking and related weapons charges.¬†Prosecutors said Geovanny Fuentes Ramirez, who was arrested in Miami in March 2020, smuggled drugs into the United States with the help of Hern√°ndez, who has been president since 2014. (Reuters)

  2. US court sentences Honduran president’s brother to life

    Tony Hernández, a former Honduran congressman and brother of the sitting president, was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years for drug trafficking by a US federal judge in Manhattan on March 30. (Reuters, DoJ)