Guatemala: campesinos targeted in “state of siege”

Campesinos leaders report a wave of abuses against local indigenous peasants in the Guatemalan department of Alta Verapaz since a “state of siege” was declared there in response to the alleged presence of Los Zetas narco-network. Officially, authorities have arrested 22 “traffickers,” and confiscated five small planes, 28 vehicles and 239 assault weapons. But the National Indigenous and Campesino Coordinator (CONIC) says army troops have invaded and occupied peasant villages where there has been no sign of drug trafficking.

The most egregious case was in the Q’eqchi Maya community of Se’ Job’ Che’ on Jan. 10, when soldiers seized the pueblo, manhandled residents and menaced them at gunpoint, fired in the air, and uprooted their legal food crops of corn, beans and cardamom. (Intercontinental Cry, Jan. 31; AlJazeera, Jan. 20; CONIC, Jan. 16)

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  1. the mexican army aids los zetas
    the mexican army has not been able to overcome los zetas, because 99% of his officers are nothing but corrupted individuals who would kill their own mother for a few dollars. The mexican government is also as false as a three dollar bill. I would not surprise anyone that even the some of their most important leaders of the mexican government have taken part in the planning of the “invasion ” of Guatemala, and they are using los zetas for such.
    For years and throught history Guatemala has been one of the most cooperative allies of the United States, and every president and administration has known that. Why is it that the U.S. does not sent the help that we need ASAP, in order to combat and destroy such human garbage known as los zetas. Let’s kill them all and send them back to ther Mexico, lindo y querido in coffins.
    I want to extend a pledge of the rest of Central America: Let us all -Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, unite in this war against the putrefacted garbage known as Los zetas. After all this a Common Cause for all of us against something that is affecting all of us.
    President Obama, let me believe in what you said : CHANGE THAT WE CAN BELIEVE. Help us ! we need your help. think of all the children in Central America, North America that will be saved from the drugs directed to them.
    This pledge is extended also to the Governments of Europe and the whole World.
    My Country is a Country of Peace, but will not tolerate any invasion of undesirables in our soil.
    I for one, despise you Drug-Lords.