Greek fascists fight for Assad in Syria

The idiotic sectors of the left that are openly shilling for Bashar Assad are in some very strange company. The Greek left-wing blog Glykosymoritis provides an English translation of the boasts in a far-right daily with the perverse name of Democratia that a "National Socialist" organization calling itself Black Lily has dispatched a brigade to Syria to fight for Assad's regime. Black Lily came to the public eye with their recent fizzy-drink attack on Greek government minister Evangelos Venizelos in Paris. But the group's spokesman Stavros Libovisis told Democratia (awkward English in original) that volunteers now "are fighting alongside our Syrian brothers in arms is to help them defend the soil of a friendly nations people, showing our solidarity in practise against an age-old foe."

This foe is identified in terms that will warm the hearts of many on the "left": the "global dictatorship of the American-Zionist war machine" and the "the bloodthirsty imperialists that want to turn the country into a capitalist brothel and a market for the likes of McDonald's and Starbucks." Next comes the predictable appeal to Syria's besieged Christians: "Syrian orthodox are fighting in the front line for a free nationalist Syria and they are distinguished for their bravery on counter attacking the intoxicated addicts of the mercenary Salafists of Al-Qaeda." And the appeal to an ancient kinship with the Syrians because their country was (2,000 years ago!) part of "Great Greece" (Magna Graecia). 

Another sign of a re-emergent "Red-Brown Alliance"?

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