‘Factually Incorrect’ with Bill Weinberg: episode 1

Bill Weinberg fights the post-truth plague by taking down fiction-spewing bloviators whether of the left or right—starting with Jimmy Dore of  “Aggressive Progressive” vlog.

Further annotation on Dore’s claim that “we’re still in fucking Afghanistan, Iraq…” US troops in Afghanistan have officially been in a non-combatant role since the “withdrawal” of 2014. US troop strength in Afghanistan now stands at some 9,000, according to the Congressional Research Service report “Department of Defense Contractor and Troop Levels in Iraq and Afghanistan: 2007-2016” (PDF). The number stood at 60,000 when Obama took office in 2009, and initially rose to some 90,000 the following year before dropping again. US troop strength in Iraq now stands at some 5,000. The figure stood at some 150,000 when Obama took office. The congressional report shows this number dropping to zero in 2012, although it is generally ackowledged that some 100 military advisors remained. The report indicates that some 1,000 private contract personnel also remain. US troops “officially” returned to Iraq with the campaign against ISIS in 2014.

Thanks to Rhay Lo for production.

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