Egypt: opposition to appeal constitution vote

The Egyptian opposition on Dec. 23 said it will appeal the referendum that appears to have voted in a new constitution backed by ruling Islamic parties. The opposition has alleged the vote was marred by fraud and irregularities, while the Muslim Brotherhood, the main supporters of the new constitution, claim the referendum has passed with 64% “yes” votes. Official results have not been released yet and are expected on Monday, Dec. 24. The National Salvation Front, the main opposition group, composed of united factions of liberals, socialists and others, had campaigned heavily for the rejection of the referendum.

Members of the opposition have stated they will keep up pressure on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, including the continuation of peaceful protests. The opposition claims that the new constitution seeks to enshrine Islamic rule in Egypt, citing insufficient protection of women and minority groups, as well as empowering Muslim clerics by giving them say in the legislative process.

From Jurist, Dec. 23. Used with permission.