Egypt: Morsi supporters get life in prison

Eight supporters of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi  were sentenced to life in prison on May 11 for illegal protests and acts of violence committed in Cairo's eastern al-Marg district in July 2014. The defendants allegedly chanted against the army and the police, in addition to damaging public areas and blocking the road in al-Marg. After hearing the testimony of eyewitnesses, the prosecution accused the defendants of joining a terrorist organization, damaging public and private buildings, illegally protesting, and carrying weapons, among other things. Furthermore, the defendants allegedly protested against the death sentences of 14 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in al-Marg and Matariya. Two people were killed and four injured as a result of clashes between protestors and residents of the district.

From Jurist, May 13. Used with permission.

  1. Egypt: more Morsi supporters get life in prison

    An Egyptian court sentenced 30 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to life imprisonment on charges including attempts made on the lives of anti-Morsi protestors. (Jurist, May 19)