COVID-19 sparks prison massacre in Colombia

Modelo prison riot

Inmates’┬áfears that prison authorities┬áare not doing enough to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks inside Colombia’s┬ánotoriously overcrowded and unhygienic prisons exploded into violence┬áon March 21, with uprisings reported at facilities across the country. The Justice Ministry acknowledged “revolts at different penitentiary centers in the country,” including┬áthe prisons in Ibague, Jamundi and Combita, two prisons in Medell├şn and another two in the capital Bogot├í. Justice Minister Margarita Cabello said 23 had been killed in suppressing a┬á“massive and criminal escape attempt” at Bogot├í’s La Modelo prison, one of the country’s largest and most overpopulated. Local residents reported on social media hearing gunfire and explosions at the facility. (Colombia Reports, El Espectador, CNN, AP)

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Photo: Colombia Reports