CounterVortex going on one-month hiatus


CounterVortex editor, chief blogger, podcaster and ranter Bill Weinberg will be in Mexico for personal reasons for next three weeks and change. So for the next month, we are going on hiatus. Bill may or may not do some blogging or podcasting from Mexico, but we will certainly be at a very reduced level of activity at best. This is neither a vacation nor a journalistic assignment, although Bill may do some journalism if a story presents itself. All will be explained on the CounterVortex podcast when he gets back, with a full account of his travels and experiences in early March. Please don’t forget us. Your pledge of just one or two dollars per podcast on Patreon or $10 monthly subscription to support the blog on PayPal will really help to keep this voice and this project alive. We pledge that we will in fact resume regular weekly podcasts and daily blogging in early March.

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