Colombia: new FARC chief “Timochenko” blasts Santos government

The new leader of Colombia’s FARC guerillas, Rodrigo Londoño AKA “Timochenko,” issued a harsh criticism against Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos Nov. 19, in his first official communique since taking over the FARC leadership. “To hold power and to present yourself as threatening and brutal… this cannot win the sympathy of anyone… [H]istory teaches us that the vast majority of human beings hate this kind of bravado,” wrote Timochenko, in the communique titled “This is not how it is, Santos, this is not how it is.” Timochenko went on to criticize the way that the country was celebrating the death of FARC’s former leader, Alfonso Cano, saying it exposed “the macabre face of this beautiful democracy.”

The communique came three days after President Santos warned Timochenko that he must “reflect” or that he would very soon meet the same fate as his predecessor. Santos said of the FARC, “Militarily they are weaker and weaker… politically they are defeated.” (Colombia Reports, Nov. 21)

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