Egypt: occupiers hold Tahrir Square, at cost of 13 dead

Hundreds of protesters against Egypt’s military rulers remain camped in Cairo’s Tahrir Square for a third day, retaking the plaza in clashes with security forces after being evicted in a police assault. At least 13 protesters were killed over the weekend, as security forces used tear gas, baton charges and live bullets. Demonstrators threw stones and petrol bombs at armored personnel carriers and troops. Officials say up to 900 have been injured, including at least 40 security personnel. Protesters pledge to remain in Tahrir Square until the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) cedes power. In the canal city of Suez, troops fired live rounds into the air to stop protesters from storming a central police station. Protests also broke out in the cities of Qena and Assiut, with 55 arrested nationwide.

Egypt’s cabinet held crisis talks for several hours before retreating to the SCAF headquarters for a meeting with military brass. The cabinet issued a statement after the meeting that parliamentary elections scheduled for Nov. 28 will go ahead. The statement praised the “restraint” of interior ministry forces against protesters. (BBC News, AFP, BBC World Service, Nov. 21)

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