Chávez in lovefest with recent Colombian nemesis

“Venezuela and Colombia today open a new epoch in our relations,” Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez told reporters after a meeting with his Colombian counterpart Álvaro Uribe in Caracas July 11. “I want to make clear that the intention exists to relaunch and fortify relations between Venezuela and Colombia, because these brother nations are destined to be united.” (ABN, Venezuela, July 11) Construction of a rail link through Colombia giving Venezuela access to the Pacific is said to have been discussed in the meeting. Uribe told a recent Colombian cabinet meeting, “President Chávez has offered to make this railway. We are ready to do it.” (El Tiempo, Bogotá, July 12)

Uh, weren’t these guys on the brink of war a few weeks ago?

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  1. Chávez baits Colombian defense minister
    Colombian President Álvaro Uribe called for members of his government to maintain “prudence” in order to maintain renewed good relations with Venezuela. The comments came after Hugo Chávez accused Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos of trying to “shoot down” (tirotear) the normalization of relations. (Notimex, July 13)