Chávez charges US intervention in Georgia

We’ve already noted that Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez says he is seeking a “strategic alliance” with Russia. Now he weighs in decisively for Moscow in the Georgian crisis. VenezuelAnalysis reports Aug. 15, that upon his arrival in Paraguay the previous night for the inauguration of President Fernando Lugo, Chávez took the opportunity to accuse the US of directly intervening in Georgia. “I am almost certain that it was the president of the United States, the imperialist George Bush, who ordered the movement of the Georgian troops towards South Ossetia, killing innocent people, and with good reason Russia acted,” Chávez said. He charged that the US is attempting to rein in Russia, “because this country rose up and now is a new world potential thanks to the work of ex-president Vladmir Putin.”

Said the Venezuela leader: “Venezuela has been following, with concern, the development of the conflict, and in particular the increase in unacceptable acts of violence perpetrated by the Georgian troops against the South Ossetian population. In this sense, Venezuela reiterates its rejection of all actions that violate human rights, especially the right to life… This conflict was planned, prepared and ordered by the government of the United States, which, far from promoting the reestablishment of peace in the area, went to work on encouraging the aggression of the Georgian government. The international community was, once more, witness to the reoccurring policy of destabilization and incitement to violence that North American imperialism is used to putting in practice in distinct regions of the world.”

Chávez added that he hopes that “whoever wins the presidency in the US learns and reconsiders the legitimate sovereignty of countries and understands that in Latin America there is a revolution…a peaceful revolution because our people have discovered a fundamental weapon, which is the vote.”

We’ve pointed out before the practically ubiquitous double standards on the Georgian conflict, with the mainstream media in the West blind to Georgian aggression against the Ossetians, and the “alternative media” equally blind to Russian and Ossetian aggression against the Georgians. Chávez seems to be playing the same game, alas. Invoking “sovereignty” in the same breath that he apologizes for a Great Power invasion of a small country is a little ironic, to say the least. The questions that we have raised about Hugo Chávez continue to look all too relevant…

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  1. Invasion of countries
    It is just a wee bit ironic to have the Idiot in Chief of the USA objecting to a major power invading a small country. Perhaps if Russia had simply declared Georgia a terrorist no one would have noticed.