Bolivia: Aymara declare mine personnel ‘fugitives’

Traditional authorities at the Aymara community of Mallku Khota in Bolivia’s Potosí department declared two technicians from Canadian mining company South American Silver to be fugitives from justice for failing to to follow through on pledges to provide a payment of two thousand abode bricks each as a fine after they were found to be “spying” on community meetings. “We lament that they have not complied, despite their commitment, and despite guarantees from the national authorities,” said community leader Leonardo Montaño. “This implicates that the Political Constitution of the State is not being complied with.”

Montaño said the two technicians had been discovered “infiltrating” a community meeting about the ecological impacts of the proposed mining project. “It appears to be a mockery,” he said. “For us, these two persons will be pursued by indigenous justice.” (Erbol, Dec. 20)