Bill Weinberg: against pro-war ‘anti-war’ jive

Bill Weinberg rants against the bogus “anti-war” position that holds that Donald Trump, who would “bomb the shit out” of Syria, is the less dangerousĀ candidate than Hillary Clintonā€”and especially Jill Stein‘s call for the US to actually join with Russia in the destruction of Syria. Calling this an “anti-war” position is another one to file under “Orwell would shit.”

ERRATUM: The Ghouta chemical attack was on Aug. 21, 2013, not Aug. 12. Bill Weinberg was reading his shirt upside-down.

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Thanks to Rhay Lo for production.

  1. No matter who winsā€¦protest the inauguration!

    In his latest in The Villager, Bill Weinberg applauds activist plans to protest the inauguration in Washington DC regardless of who wins. "I understand that I'll be voting for an enemy when I vote for Hillary—to keep a greater enemy at bay. I'm just voting — with a sense of stark realism. I'm not selling my soul."