Bigotry unites monotheistic faiths

"Middle East Peace Finally Reached," reads the April 4 headline in the quasi-satirical Swift Report. 

Leaders of the world’s three major faith groups—Christianity,
Judaism and Islam—have agreed to call a cease fire in a dispute that
dates back thousands of years. Instead of warring against each other,
the religions have agreed to join forces against a foe they can all
agree on: homosexuals.

Rabbi: "This is not the homo land, this is the Holy Land."

This is really true. On March 31, the NY Times featured a front-page above-the-fold color photo of a meeting of Jerusalem religious leaders—including deputy mufti Sheikh Abed es-Salem Menasra, Latin patriarch Rev. Michel Sabbagh, Armenian patriach Rev. Aris Shirvanian, Sephardic chief rabbi Shlomo Amar and Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yona Metzger—putting aside differences to promote a united protest against the city’s first gay pride festival, slated for August.

Kinda heartwarming, eh?