Berezovsky: “I am plotting a new Russian revolution”

Exiled Russian multi-millionaire Boris Berezovsky has disclosed that he intends to instigate a coup in the Kremlin to oust President Putin. Based in Britain, he is said to have forged close ties with, as well as have bankrolled, Russian political elites close to Putin. “It isn’t possible to change this regime through democratic means,” he remarked, lambasting Putin for having unstitched democratic reforms, violated the country’s constitution, suffocated political opposition and monopolised the reins of power. Dmitry Peskov, the chief spokesperson for the Kremlin, last night described this proclamation as a criminal offence under Russian legislation. He also hastened that such a statement might serve to undermine Berezovsky’s claim to asylum in Britain. [The Guardian, April 13]

From Security Briefs, April 13

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  1. Wanted in Moscow
    The Russian ambassador to the UK has issued a warrant for the arrest of exiled tycoon, Boris Berezovsky. While a “speedy resolution would help to improve, to develop, our (British and Russian) relations even further,” Yury Fedotov remarked, he warned that “an absence of a reaction would have some impact on bilateral relations.” Meanwhile, the Home Office is investigating whether Mr Berezovsky’s statement – in which he claimed to be plotting a coup d’état in Russia to overthrow President Vladimir Putin – compromises his refugee status in the UK. Scotland Yard is also considering whether his comments constitute a breach of anti-terrorism legislation. Security Briefs, April 19