Benghazi: investigation finds no White House fault

The US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on Nov. 21 released a report (PDF) stating that the Obama administration properly responded to the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The committee, which is led by Republicans, concluded that there was no failure of intelligence and no delay in sending a rescue team. In a statement by committee chairman Mike Rogers, he announced:

"…the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into the Benghazi attacks focused on the Intelligence Community's activities before, during, and after the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11-12, 2012. The bipartisan panel concluded that there was no stand down order issued by or to intelligence community personnel, and there was no denial of air support to intelligence community officers on the ground. The officers present testified to that effect."

The committee spent "thousands of hours of detailed investigation" to reach its conclusion, including interviews with high ranking American officials and agents. The Obama administration had been persistently accused of mishandling the situation by responding too slowly and allegedly nixing a military rescue.

From Jurist, Nov. 23. Used with permission.