Beirut blast raises civil war fears

At least six were wounded by a car bomb which wrecked the front of a government building in a predominantly Christian suburb of Beirut March 19.

The motive and target of the attack in New Jdeideh were not immediately clear, but CNN said local people feared it may have been an attempt to sow divisions between Christians and Muslims. The local legislator, Pierre Gemayel, called it an act of terrorism that could be an attempt to destabilize the country.

Pierre Gemayel should know about terrorism. He is the grandson of the Pierre Gemayel who was founder of the fascistic Phalange Party, the most bloodthirsty outfit in Lebanon’s chaotic 1980s civil war, responsible for the massacre of hundreds of Palestinian refugees at the Sabra and Shatila camps in 1982. He is fondly commemorated on the official Phalangist web site, on a page touchingly adorned with a creepy fascistic symbol.

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  1. From the Falange website
    “It is one of the many ironies of Lebanese politics that a party that initially drew inspiration from the virulently anti-Semitic Nazi movement in Germany… was later to become a close collaborator with the Jewish state.”