Algeria: Kabyles march for independence


Thousands of members of the Amazigh (Berber) people marched in Algeria's Kabylia region to assert their right to self-determinatio and noppose a constitutional revision they say fails to respect their language rights. The march marked the Amazigh new year celebration, Yennayer. Portrait on sign shows Kabylia's martyred culture hero, Lounes Matoub. Mansour Bensahnoune Ulhady of the Kabylia Self-Determination Movement (MAK) said: "This Yennayer march clearly gave the Kabylian independence movement a great mandate in pursuing the fight for independent and free Kabylia, and for establishing a strong democratic and secular state that will serve as an example and model for all North Africa and all oppressed peoples of the world."

Photo: Yuva Djouaher via Facebook

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