Southern Cone

Argentina: many are suspected in AMIA cover-up

It's not clear that anyone in Argentina's political class really wants the AMIA case solved. Israel and the US don't look much better. And suspect suicides are nothing new in Argentina.

Central America

Guatemala: top cop convicted in embassy fire

It took 35 years, but Guatemala's former police chief has now been convicted of causing the deaths of 22 indigenous leaders and 15 others in a fire at the Spanish embassy.

The Caribbean

Haiti: deal fails, Martelly rules by decree

Haiti's political class once again failed to end its paralysis, and now the country lacks a legislature. The "international community" seems OK with the situation.


Mexico: students’ parents storm army base

Parents of 43 missing Ayotzinapa students insist that the military knows more than it admits about their abduction. Meanwhile, the government's version gets shakier and shakier.

The Caribbean

Puerto Rico: Machetero prisoner is released

With the release of Norberto González Claudio, Oscar López Rivera seems to be the last of the independentista prisoners still held in behind bars in the US.

The Caribbean

Haiti: US grants UN immunity in cholera suit

A US court has ruled that the UN can't be sued for actions by its "peacekeepers"—even for starting a deadly epidemic—unless the UN decides to waive its immunity.