The Andes

Bolivia: prison massacre sparks protests

Family members of inmates are keeping vigil outside Bolivia's Palmasola prison after an explosion of violence at the facility left at least 30 dead—but still not identified.

Southern Cone

Paraguay: military unleashed to fight guerillas

Paraguay’s Congress voted up broad powers allowing the new right-wing president to use the armed forces for domestic policing, following a wave of guerilla attacks on estates.


The Worst of Times, the Best of Times…

by Matt Meyer, New Clear Vision

There is a reason why so many internationalists have had hard times writing clearly about Egypt since the end of June 2013. There is a reason why in English the words “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” resonates so. The cultural chasms and the political complexity of Egypt’s ongoing revolutionary moments will not lend themselves easily to short statements or translated sound bites… but we remain distant from, or dispassionate about these events at our own grave peril. Nothing less than our collective, twenty-first century understandings of such terms as “democracy,” “revolution,” and “violence/nonviolence” are being forged on the streets of Egypt today.