Obama Watch

UN resolution against Israeli settlements

Obama formally ends 'Muslim registry' program

Obama 'permanently' bans Arctic offshore drilling?

CIA: Russia meddled in US election

Obama drug war commutations surpass 1,000

Dakota Access pipeline blocked —for now

Syria and Iraq in the Trump world order

Burma sanctions lifted amid ethnic cleansing

Syria: nuclear flashpoint

Trump plays Jerusalem card for Jewish vote

Syria: hideous escalation fruit of bogus 'ceasefire'

Yemen: Saudis bomb anti-bombing demonstration

White House releases (contested) drone kill count

Obama signs draconian new drug law

India: court convicts 24 in 2002 Gujarat pogrom

US rejects autonomy for Syrian Kurds

Is Obama really helping Cuban dissidents?

Argentina: Kissinger crimes in the news again

Obama delivers Gitmo closure plan to Congress

Plan Colombia to become 'Peace Colombia'?

Obama's seventh year: a World War 4 Report scorecard

National protests against immigration raids

Rights groups criticize arms sale to Saudi Arabia

Drone memos may stay secret: US appeals court

Contradictions of post-Paris anti-ISIS convergence

Obama and the KXL-TPP contradiction

US embraces Iran as (ironic) 'peace' partner in Syria

Obama's nuclear upgrade: Euro-missiles redux?

Yemen: Amnesty demands halt to arms transfers

Four Corners haze: harbinger of climate change

Obama pursues nuclear 'modernization' —not disarmament

Turkey continues to bomb anti-ISIS forces

US betrays Rojava Kurds (inevitably)

Protests as Japan moves toward remilitarization

Iran, world powers reach nuclear agreement

Obama disses Kurdish 'partners' against ISIS

Iraq: US sends more troops —amid reprisals

White House criticizes Egypt, supports military aid

Drone strike survivors file suit against US

SCOTUS rules in Jerusalem passport case

US drops Cuba from terrorism list

Obama vetoes Keystone pipeline bill

Obama's new offshore plan: don't believe the hype

Obama's sixth year: a World War 4 Report scorecard

Threat to South Korean nuclear plants: no thanks

Venezuela: US imposes sanctions on officials

Cuba: US agrees to normalize relations

Immigration enforcement: anti-labor tool

US and China in new carbon pact; trading seen

Net neutrality and the extinction of journalism

Judge orders release of Gitmo force-feeding videos

Warlords cut deal on Afghan electoral dispute

Obama, Assad and ISIS: our grim vindication

Obama sees long war against ISIS

Iraq: great power convergence against ISIS

Obama to send 300 military 'advisors' to Iraq

Obama climate plan: too little, too late

US POW released in exchange for Gitmo detainees

Gov study: climate change happening now

Rival trade pacts vie for Pacific hegemony

Obama's fifth year: a World War 4 Report scorecard 

Obama, Mandela and Castro: absurd hypocrisy

Gitmo lawyer: declassify interrogation techniques

Syria: what is the imperial agenda?

Will Obama cut Egypt military aid?

US troops to Philippines amid Mindanao fighting

Will 'peace' mean betrayal of Afghan women?

Obama preparing martial law?

NSA collecting phone call data under top secret court order 

Samantha Power signals Syria intervention?

Will OAS summit broach drug decrim?

Obama addresses drone strikes, steps to close Gitmo

Obama addresses Gitmo hunger strike

No Miranda rights for bombing suspect?

US to redeploy troops as Morocco axes war game

Jerusalem: troops fire on Palestinian protesters

Israeli forces surround new "village"

Obama schmoozes petro-oligarchs

Court upholds statutory protection for polar bears

Press was prone on drones, but cover blown

Prison evidence at issue in 9-11 trial

Obama's fourth year: a World War 4 Report scorecard

Bolivia wins coca-chewing victory at UN

Chuck Hagel: revenge of the paleocons?

Obama signs NDAA —despite Gitmo restrictions

North Korea joins ICBM club —but why now?

PSY sells out —but righties use him to bash Obama

Cornhuskers pack Keystone XL hearing

Military coup d'état against Obama?

Israel launches new assault on Gaza

Petraeus prostration: Benghazi blowback?

Obama's re-election: more historic than 2008?

ACLU urges Obama to close Gitmo in second term

Obama and Romney both fudged facts on Libya

Obama urges Supreme Court to limit corporate liability

Italy high court upholds sentences of 23 former CIA agents in rendition case

East China Sea flashpoint for Sino-Japanese war?

Unprecedented maneuvers in Strait of Hormuz

From Afghanistan to Tunisia: back to GWOT?

Will provocateur film derail Arab Spring?

Yemen drone war: 29 dead in eight days

Jerusalem political football in US horserace

Holder closes investigation into alleged torture deaths of CIA detainees

Petro-oligarchs play presidential candidates —again

Keystone vs Enbridge: race or stratagem?

Pakistan NATO resupply deal: house of mirrors

Republicans push "Fast and Furious" conspiracy theory

Supreme Court partially strikes down Arizona immigration law

Congressman to sue Obama over new immigration policy

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit over US medical experiments in Guatemala

US to downsize drones amid growing outcry over civilian casualties

US resumes arms sales to Bahrain —despite ongoing abuses

Iraq: court dismisses charges against former US detainee

Full-on propaganda push for fracking

Obama wins Afghan deal for extended troop presence

Obama approves Colombia FTA —despite continued anti-labor violence

American Indians reach trust settlement with federal government

Anti-Obama conspiracies seen in oil price spike

US, Mexico open transboundary waters to oil and gas exploitation

Drones cleared to patrol US cities; avatar robots not far behind

Another Gitmo detainee to face military tribunal; second under Obama

Obama acknowledges Pakistan drone strikes

Obama shilling for drilling, backing fracking

Azerbaijan drawn into Iranian spy-vesus-spy intrigues

Obama's third year: a World War 4 Report scorecard

Obama denies permit for Keystone XL pipeline

Protests mark tenth anniversary of Guantánamo Bay prison camp

Pentagon prepares for new cold war with China

Obama signs NDAA with indefinite detention provisions —despite "reservations"

US transfers final detainee to Iraqi government

Obama resumes military aid to Uzbekistan dictatorship

Obama's Australia deployment signals new cold war with China?

Obama announces final Iraq pull-out (except special forces)

Hezbollah leader could get US military trial: report

War criminal Burhanuddin Rabbani eulogized by Obama

White House expands drug watch list to include all Central America

Obama caves in on smog regulations

Cuba high court upholds US contractor's 15-year sentence

Brutal ICE raids continue —despite Obama's new policy

Iraq: US announces talks to stay beyond December deadline —as new atrocity is reported

Afghanistan draw-down modeled on "Sons of Iraq" program

Libya: France arms rebels as DC pols prevaricate

Congress and the Libya war: Orwellian logic on both sides

Libya: Qaddafi exploits civilian casualties, Gates says air-strikes are "not hostilities"

Libya: mercenaries fighting on both sides?

Patriot Act extended through 2015

Obama's Mideast speech: risking Jewish support to domesticate Arab Spring

Obama to open Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve

Libya: Contact Group to fund rebels

Osama bin Laden, the GWOT and the Arab Spring: what has changed?

Did Osama bin Laden hit violate international law?

Was Osama bin Laden sheltered by Pakistan regime?

Petraeus to CIA; regime change on agenda?

Supreme Court hears arguments in global warming case

Colombia agrees to FTA labor conditions; opponents don't buy it

Lawmaker proposes halt to US military action in Libya

US signs nuclear development deal with Chile —amid Fukushima disaster

Obama: no retreat from "clean nuclear power" plans

US and Britain join air-strikes against Libya; Congress to approve action?

Yemen: 30 dead in massacre of protesters

Obama orders resumption of Gitmo military trials

Mexico: Calderón fights WikiLeaks fallout in DC

Yemen: embattled prez blames Israeli subversion (of course)

Fatah calls for "day of rage" against US

Mexico: federal police fire on Oaxaca protesters

US Defense Secretary says Gitmo closing unlikely

Egypt: military dismantles Mubarak regime —and protest movement

Egypt: protesters defy push for "normality"

Egypt: Mubark hangs on, Washington sends more mixed signals

Egypt: will US dump Mubarak?

Egypt: protesters prepare "departure day" march as street battles continue

Italy: court convicts former Gitmo detainee

Egypt: "march of a million" gives Mubarak three days to leave country

Fear in Washington, Israel as general strike is declared in Egypt

Obama administration won't dump Mubarak as protests paralyze Egypt

Obama exploits South Sudanese independence struggle for propaganda

Obama pays lip service to Tunisians —betrays Egyptians, Algerians, Yemenis

Pakistan: thousands march against US drone strikes

Tunisian virus spreads to Algeria

Obama's second year: a World War 4 Report scorecard

US to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014: Biden

Obama administration may resume military commission trials: NYT

Angry protests spread in Jordan

White House acknowledges Gitmo to remain open for foreseeable future

UN investigator calls for inquiry into Iraq rights abuses

Obama administration invokes state secrets to block targeted killings lawsuit

Clinton: Mexico needs "equivalent" of Plan Colombia

Last US "combat troops" leave Iraq; private sector to pick up slack

Iraq: countdown to withdrawal?

Merida Initiative funds mired in red tape: GAO report

ZOG theory goes mainstream

Gitmo detainee to be repatriated to Yemen after judge orders release

McChrystal ouster: the neocons strike back?

Haiti: Obama signs HELP sweatshop law

Obama to send National Guard to Mexican border; Fox fuels terror scare

Kerry-Lieberman climate bill wins praise —and outrage

Obama Justice Department urges Supreme Court not to hear Maher Arar appeal

Robert Gates does Colombia, Peru; calls for more bases, free trade

Obama threatens to nuke Iran?

Obama names new chief for Gitmo tribunals

Napolitano halts work on "virtual" border fence

UN rights experts urge civilian trials for 9-11 suspects

White House revives military commission option for 9-11 trials: reports

Obama plans "dramatic reductions" in n-arms —but not "no first use" pledge

Federal judge upholds detention of Yemeni Gitmo detainees

White House mulls indefinite detention: Sen. Graham

Holder "flexible" on trying 9-11 suspects in civilian or military courts

Moscow demands answers on US-Romania "missile shield" deal

Pentagon abandons two-war doctrine —but not the two wars

White House asks Congress for $410 million under Merida Initiative

US, Russia agree to nuclear arms reduction treaty

White House to boost nuclear weapons funding

White House drops "Plan Colombia" nomenclature

US imperialism to outsource lunar invasion

Obama orders government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020

Obama's first year: a World War 4 Report scorecard

UK rights group urges further investigation of Gitmo suicides

"Doomsday Clock" moves one minute away from midnight

US officials concealed details of immigrant deaths in detention: NYT

Afghan authorities commit to taking over former Bagram detention facility

EPA proposes stricter smog regulations

Obama administration announces new rules for public land drilling leases

New airline passenger screening unconstitutional: rights groups

Obama declassification order rolls back Bush secrecy legacy

Guantánamo prison may remain open until 2011: reports

Obama's peace prize and its anti-war critics: Which is more Orwellian?

Obama administration calls for dismissal of suit against John "torture memo" Yoo

Afghanistan's secular opposition dissents from Obama's troop surge

Gitmo detainees to Illinois?

Obama adminstration to open new Afghan detention facility

Holder announces federal trials for accused 9-11 conspirators

Anti-nuclear protesters greet Obama in Japan

Honduras: US seeks "happy end" —at cost of democracy?

Obama's EPA silences dissent to carbon trading

Honduras: US and Latin America split over elections

US citizen sentenced in Tehran protests; neocons charge Obama with betrayal

Obama at crossroads on Afghanistan —and anti-war movement?

Afghanistan: new Bagram rules "step in wrong direction"?

Honduras: repression continues; Obama acquiescing in coup?

Obama and the Honduran coup: our readers write

Honduran golpista: Obama a "little black man who knows nothing"

White House loosens up on ICE workplace policy; "gang" raids continue

Bolivia bashes Obama over trade sanctions

Obama pledges progress on FTA in meeting with Uribe

Obama to Muslims: let's chill out!

Obama border strategy emphasizes enforcement

Obama in Cairo: selective historical memory

Obama denies White House to run GM

White House announces national vehicle emissions policy

Obama places Chrysler under heavy manners

Obama administration reviving military commission system —with changes

UN rights chief urges US to hold Bush-era officials accountable for torture

Obama seeking delay of torture photos release

Obama affirms position that waterboarding is torture

Our readers write: How rad is Obama's agenda?

Obama open to prosecuting CIA interrogation memo authors

Obama reassures CIA on torture

Latin leftists bash Obama at Caribbean confab

Obama pledge not to prosecute CIA interrogators draws criticism

Obama moves against Mexican cartel finances

Mexico: Obama met with protests on immigration reform

Obama administration to appeal Bagram detainees' habeas ruling

CIA says no more secret prisons —and rendition?

Pakistan: thousands flee US drone attacks

Iraq: Obama won't speed pullout; clashes in Baghdad

Obama forges "Af-Pak" strategy as Taliban insurgency spreads

Obama administration drops GWOT nomenclature

Obama's Nowruz message to Iran: "appeasement" or Trojan horse?

Freeman affair opens window on intra-elite paleo-neocon wars

Obama administration drops "enemy combatant" nomenclature

Panetta: Obama to continue GWOT; widening of Pakistan air strikes seen

Obama and the GWOT: our readers write

50,000 combat troops to remain in Iraq after "withdrawal"

Obama should cut military aid to Israel: Amnesty International

Obama: no rights for Afghan detainees

Afgahanistan: five-year troop build-up seen

Obama orders 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan; civilian casualties soar

Pakistan: drones versus sharia?

UK sends team to Gitmo in Binyam Mohamed case

Obama has four years to save planet: leading scientist

Obama urged to halt military detention of journalists

Obama continues Bush-era "state secrets" argument in Gitmo torture case

Sheriff Arpaio's ugly publicity stunt: Obama's immigration reform wake-up call?

Obama White House bullies Britain on Gitmo torture case?

Obama and Lincoln: our readers write

Obama brother busted for ganja in Nairobi

Latin America: reactions as Obama takes office

UN torture rapporteur calls for charges againt Bush, Rumsfeld

Obama directs EPA to reconsider Bush auto emission policy

Potsdam peaceniks give Obama a chance

Chávez hot and cold on Obama

Afghanistan: US air-strike sparks protests —again

Pakistan: pro-government leader, family wiped out in US air-strike

Obama's State Department to Mauritania: restore "constitutional order"

US bombs Pakistan —again

Obama orders on Gitmo, torture leave "wiggle room"?

Deported Mexican activist to Obama: stop the immigration raids

Obama moves to halt Bush regs on ecology, public lands

Obama calls Abbas; Hamas holds victory rally

Obama calls for halt to Gitmo tribunals

Obama to maintain Cuba embargo…for now

Obama names George Mitchell as Middle East envoy

Activists fast to demand Obama close Gitmo

Obama inspires Black Iraqi freedom movement

Activists to Obama: demand Israel lift Gaza siege

Obama's rightward tilt: our readers write

Lipan Apache to Obama: stop border wall construction

Cuba: no "turning point" with US

Climate scientists warn of coal threat —is Obama listening?

Obama to close Gitmo —in two years?

Obama USDA pick another "biofuel" booster

Obama urged to suspend CAFTA

Obama Energy Department pick is "biofuel" booster

Obama drug czar pick linked to fraud, Christian right, anti-Semitism

Obama pick for National Intelligence director linked to East Timor genocide

Obama team member linked to Hindutva fascist movement

Anti-Obama backlash: right-wingers broach "secession"

Mexico: Calderón warns Obama on NAFTA revision

"Humanitarian" interventionist Samantha Power back on Obama team

Czech Green Party MP asks Obama to reconsider missile shield

Obama: ominous appointment for Homeland Security

Bolivia's Evo Morales seeks "improved relations" with Obama White House

Eric Holder: death-squad defender

Tom Daschle: "regime change" extremist

Al-Qaeda disses Obama, invokes Malcolm X

Obama: out of Iraq, into Afghanistan?

HRW urges Obama to repudiate "abusive" counter-terrorism policies

Obama pressured following election-week ICE raids in Florida

Emanuel disavows dad's diss of Arabs

Taliban to Obama: pull out now

Russia to Obama: rebuild "strategic partnership"

Emanuel: Obama won't link Colombia FTA to stimulus package

Iraq's civil resistance to Obama: end the occupation

Obama on board with policy-elite consensus for Iran attack?

Obama's first appointment: pro-Israel hardliner

Right wing prepares anti-Obama "underground"

And in related news…

Deepwater Horizon: the petro-oligarchs strike back

Gitmo detainee repatriated to Kuwait

Abu Ghraib photos depict rape, sexual assault: ex-US general

Panama: trouble for FTA in US Congress?

Cheney defends Bush-era interrogation policies

Senate passes amendment delaying Gitmo closure funds

Military judge grants government motion for continuance in Gitmo case

France to accept one Gitmo detainee

Hugo Chávez offers to accept Gitmo detainees

Pakistan between two poles of terrorism

US, Yemen should allow "meaningful legal process" in Gitmo repatriation: HRW

Spanish judge weighs probe of US federal attorneys on Gitmo

Mexico: US backpedals on "failed state" claim

Netanyahu expects blank check from Obama; green light for Israeli far-right?

Rights advocates welcome rehearing denial in detainee photo case

US pledges to respect neutrality in Salvador elections —despite GOP bluster

Maine neo-Nazi prepared "dirty bomb"?

Mexico tops agenda for new Drug Czar

Iraq: more terror as Obama begins draw-down

Holder: Gitmo will close, despite "improvements"

Homeland Security to review Bellingham ICE raid

Gitmo complies with Geneva Conventions: Pentagon report

DC Circuit rules against release of Gitmo Uighurs

Econo-protests paralyze Mexico City, Juárez-El Paso bridge

Gitmo alum heads Yemen Qaeda franchise?

Military announces transfer of six Gitmo detainees

Mexico reacts to ominous Pentagon report —as pundits plug military aid

Another Gitmo detainee ordered released; use of torture admitted

Gaza: Israel pours in reserves as death toll nears 900

Message from Palestinian trade unions on Gaza

Bolivia: plot to assassinate Evo Morales?

US Army War College issues report on martial law

Three Gitmo detainees released to Bosnia

9-11 survivors pawns in Gitmo controversy —others dissent

Chicago: workers occupy factory

India and Pakistan ready for war, US threatens intervention?

Taliban "surge" into Pakistan, destroy NATO convoy

US releases first tranche of Plan Mexico funds

Our readers write: January Surprise?

Cheney indicted in Texas prison scandal

US bombs Pakistan —again

Latin America plays leading role at first G20 summit; Fidel unimpressed

US admits more juveniles held at Gitmo

Veterans occupy National Archives to demand impeachment —again

US bombs Pakistan —again

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Vets occupy National Archives

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador—known by his initials AMLO—will be Mexico's next president, following his victory in the July 1 election. This marks the first time a Mexican presidential candidate of the left has had his victory honored. An obvious question is how AMLO will deal with Donald Trump—who attained office by demonizing Mexicans and pledging to build a wall on the border (and make Mexico pay for it). Last year, AMLO actually filed a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights against Trump's proposed wall. But he also hired Trump's current crony Rudolph Giuliani as anti-crime czar when he was mayor of Mexico City in 2002. As populists and opponents of free-trade economics, there may be unlikely common ground between the two men. (Photo: El Txoro)