Are We Really That Irrelevant?

We’ve been trying to reach our winter fund-drive goal of $2,000 since the beginning of December. The total now stands at $1,390. That means $610 to go.

We really don’t get it, even given the current financial crisis. All the other left-wing websites out there—both the ones we have fraternal relations with like Toward Freedom and those we frankly view as rivals due to their bad politics, such as CounterPunch—can routinely raise twice that in a fraction of the time. This isn’t exactly encouraging.

If you are reading these words, please pitch in so we can concentrate on bringing you news instead of asking for funds for the rest of the year. Or, if you chose not to support, us please tell us why! Use the Paypal link to the left, or click here. Or write us at feedback (at) (remove spaces, obviously).