Mexico: Zapatistas support striking farmworkers

Zapatista leaders in Chiapas declared support for striking farmworkers in Baja California's San Quintín Valley, who clashed with police at a march for a $13-a-day minium wage.

Central America

Central America: US returns migrants to danger

Border Patrol agents rush through interviews with Central Americans seeking to flee gangs and then send them home to the "threat of murder, rape and other violence."


Mexico: nine dead in prison massacre

A "commando" of six gunmen gained access to a Mexican prison, killed four inmates in their sleep, and then tried to shoot their way out, sparking a bloody fire-fight. 


Anti-mining protests in Mexico, Canada

The July 22 Global Day of Action Against Open-Pit Mining, most widely observed in the Andean nations, also saw coordinated protests in NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada.