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Pentagon behind Syria mosque massacre: reports

The US is denying reports that it bombed a mosque in northwestern Syria during evening prayers, killing at least 50—despite mounting evidence from survivors and witnesses.


Russia ‘withdraws’ from Syria —not

Despite misleading media accounts, Moscow has only withdrawn its aircraft carier from Syria’s coast, and is in fact beefing up forces at its bases within the country.

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Are Kurds aiding Assad in Aleppo offensive?

As thousands of civilians flee the Assad regime's advance on Aleppo, rebel groups are charging that the Kurdish-led People's Protection Units are collaborating in the offensive.

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Yemen and Syria: fearful symmetry

Russian counterinsurgency in Syria mirrors US-backed counterinsurgency in Yemen, betraying superpower rivalry and "cooperation" alike as inimical to the region's revolutions.

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Is US really backing Syrian rebels?

"Left" media continue to portray a massive US program of support for the Syrian rebels to destabilize Bashar Assad—in spite of the utter baselessness of this thesis.

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Are Rojava Kurds collaborating with Assad?

Amid confused fighting in northern Syria, accusations are mounting that the Rojava Kurds are collaborating with Russia—and, by extension, the genocidal Bashar Assad regime.

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Syria: whose side is Israel on?

The Israeli security establishment and its neocon allies are divided between those who would destabilize Assad and those who would prop him with up as the Devil they know.

The Andes

DEA sees Hezbollah link to Colombian cartel

The DEA claims that Shi'ite militant group Hezbollah is laundering money for the "Oficina de Envigado,"  successor organization to Colombia's legendary Medellín Cartel.

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Regional powers exploit Bahrain protests

Shi'ite protesters have repeatedly mobilized in Bahrain to demand the release of imprisoned dissident cleric Sheikh Ali Salman—ignored by the foreign media except in Iran.


From Beirut to Paris…

The terror campaign in Paris has shocked the world, while the previous day's ISIS attacks on a Shi'ite district of Beirut were mere background noise for the world media.