The Andes

Afro-Colombian anti-mining protests repressed

Afro-Colombian protesters blocking the Pan-American Highway in southern Cauca region to protest illegal mining on their lands were violently dispersed by the riot police.

The Andes

El Niño impacts deepen Ecuador quake disaster

Rescue efforts in Ecuador's quake-ravaged Manabí province are hindered by damaged roads—repeatedly hit by flooding linked to this year's severe El Niño phenomenon.

The Andes

Colombia: court protects highlands from mining

Colombia's Constitutional Court overturned provisions of the government's new National Development Plan that allowed mining in the ecologically critical high alpine zones.

The Andes

Colombia: peasants sue over mining contamination

Indigenous and Black communities in Colombia's Chocó department filed a lawsuit, claiming 37 of their children died after drinking water contaminated by nearby mining operations.

The Andes

Signs mount of grave Andean climate crisis

Water shortages and wildfires are reported across Colombia, while Bolivia's second largest lake has completely evaporated amid this year's devastating El Niño phenomenon.

The Amazon

Lima climate summit in shadow of state terror

Peru's government made much of its rainforest protection efforts at the Lima climate summit—but a new report names it as the fourth most dangerous country for ecology activists.