Our Readers Have Spoken!

Dear Readers:

Last September, we asked you if you thought World War 4 Report should continue its monthly magazine-style E-Journal when we switch to our new format. Although the redesign has taken longer than we anticipated, it should happen this summer. And, although a few of you did urge us to keep the monthly edition going, a general lack of reader response has led to us to decide to drop it.

The professional website developer who is volunteering his services to us has meanwhile been busy designing two new sites for us, which are already online. World War 4 Report has always striven to provide a large view, hopefully making the connections between seemingly disparate issues. We now perceive that perhaps we have been overly ambitious, and are spinning off some areas of focus to new additions to the World War 4 Report Family of Websites.

The flagship site, World War 4 Report, will now begin to focus more narrowly on indigenous peoples’ and autonomy struggles, and US military interventions around the world. For the past year, we have started to spin off news related to the “War on Drugs” and particularly cannabis to our new site Global Ganja Report: Resisting the Eradication Regime, Defending Your Right to Cannabis. With over 100,000 people behind bars in the US alone for nonviolent drug offenses, and the US still intervening in Latin America and elsewhere around the world in the name of narcotics enforcement, we make no apologies for treating cannabis as a serious political issue—it clearly is.

But our newly unveiled site is perhaps more controversial. For years it has been a source of great frustration to us that wag-the-dog conspiracy theories that scapegoat perceived Jewish interlopers for the crimes and aggressions of US imperialism have gained currency on the left, while those that challenge this fascistic thinking have been almost exclusively neo-conservatives, interventionists and Israel supporters. There has been a nearly complete paucity of voices that really treat Jew-hatred as a serious issue while cutting no slack either for imperialism or its oppressive client state and local surrogate cop in the Middle East, Israel. To fill this void, we have launched New Jewish Resistance: Fighting Zionism and Anti-Semitism, Defending Pan-Semitic Unity.

“Pan-Semitic,” if it isn’t obvious, means Jews and Arabs. As the site’s mission statement explains: “New Jewish Resistance aspires to be a movement uniting all Jews who believe in fighting Jew-hatred in the diaspora and making common cause with the opppressed, not rallying around an illegitimate settler state.” But you certainly don’t have to be Jewish (or Arab) to support us—you just have to share our aims. Or at least acknowledge that we are adding a needed voice to the debate, even if you do not fully accept our admittedly very radical and iconoclastic view.

We have put out this probably final edition of World War 4 Report‘s monthly E-Journal because the redesigned site isn’t ready yet, and we have some vital material we wish to share with you. In the new format, feature-length material (probably less of it) will be posted intermittently, as it comes in, and there will be no monthly mailing. The Daily Report, which is the bulk of our work, will of course continue.

So please check out both our new websites, and let us know what you think. And if you want to sustain and encourage us as we struggle to redefine ourselves—you know what to do. Your donations are always needed, and appreciated. You can donate to any of our new projects at the same link. Just let us know in an e-mail (or a note with your check) which one you wish to support.

Thank you, shukran and gracias,

Bill Weinberg

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