Fund Drive

Dear Readers:

Well, now that it’s spring, we are officially ending our winter fund drive. We are deeply appreciative to everyone who gave, and those of you who have not yet received your premiums should get them in a week or two. We are still just over $500 short of our ambitious goal of $2,000. So we are making this one last appeal to push us over the top. As always, a donation of $10 or more will get you one of our three premium pamphlets (interviews with Iraq’s civil opposition, parts one & two; and critique of 9-11 conspiracy theory). If you can donate $100, we will send the complete three-pamphlet series

This is the last you’ll hear from us about money till summer—we promise! But—one last time—if you support our work, please show us some love. Because we do need it.

Bill Weinberg

World War 4 Report