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Israelis protest Gaza siege” title=”Israelis protest Gaza siege” class=”image image-thumbnail” width=”100″ height=”75″ />Israelis protest Gaza siegePlease support our winter fund drive!
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Israel advances into Gaza City; more rockets fall from Lebanon
Israeli forces battled Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza City, while Israeli warplanes bombed Rafah. More rockets from Lebanon meanwhile fell in the Galilee. [more]
<em><strong>Rafah refugee camp burns</strong></em>” title=”<em><strong>Rafah refugee camp burns</strong></em>”  class=”image image-thumbnail” width=”100″ height=”72″ /></a><span class=Rafah refugee camp burns

Pentagon report warns of Mexico “collapse”
A study by the US Joint Forces Command names Pakistan and Mexico as two states at risk of “rapid and sudden collapse.” [more]

Mexico: police killings spark protests
Thousands marched in Jalisco to protest the police killing of 21-year-old Fernando Lopez Alejandre, bassist with the band Arcadia Libre. [more]

<em><strong>Rafah: terror from above</strong></em>” title=”<strong><em>Rafah: terror from above</em></strong>”  class=”image image-thumbnail” width=”100″ height=”67″ /></a><span class=Rafah: terror from aboveMessage from Palestinian trade unions on Gaza
Israeli citizens call for international action against Gaza aggression
Ten Israeli soldiers choose jail over Gaza
Dominican Republic: 600 Haitians occupy church
Homeland Security rejects “temporary protected status” for Haitians
Colombia: CIA knew of army-para ties

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