Resolutions of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Confederation of the Peoples of the Kichwa Nationality of Ecuador (Ecuarunari)

In the city of Quito, on July 29, 2008, 500 delegates of the Pasto, Otavalo, Karanki, Natabuela, Kayambi, Kitu Kara, Panzaleo, Salasaca, Chibuleo, Kisapincha, Tomabela, Puruhá, Waranka, Kañari, Saraguro, Palta and Afro-descendant peoples gathered in an extraordinary assembly. After a process of analysis and debate on the content of the project of the new Political Constitution and the situation of Indigenous peoples and nationalities, and the national reality, considering:

That the project of Ecuador’s new Political Constitution has been the fruit of the struggles of Indigenous peoples and social sectors with the purpose of making possible a Plurinational State and an inter-cultural society in order to overcome neoliberalism, racism, and mechanisms of political, economic, social and cultural exclusion.

That the resistance to the neoliberal pattern has not been forged only in Ecuador but also in Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and other countries that allow us to globalize our struggles with local actions to end poverty and to establish social equality.

That the on-going fight for the defense of natural resources, sovereignty for the good life of all Ecuadorians, water, paramos, land, territory, bilingual inter-cultural education, language, health, given that large transnational hydroelectric and mining companies come intruding into Indigenous communities.

Agreements and Resolutions

In light of the new Constitution

1) the vote for YES, as a vindication of the struggle and resistance of Indigenous peoples and exploited social sectors, marginalized and excluded, to recover sovereignty and the homeland.

2) to summon a Great Front between the Indigenous movement and social sectors in the face of the referendum and to promote a vote IN FAVOR of the new Constitution, for the effective and real construction of a Plurinational State, truly anti-neoliberal and liberatory.

3) to promote processes of socialization in the new Political Constitution approved by the Constituent Assembly, by means of a campaign highlighting its advances and political and juridical limitations, with organizations in workshops, assemblies, forums and mobilizations for the information, promotion of the new Constitution.

4) to know the contents of the articles of the project of Ecuador’s new Political Constitution as delivered to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

In the face of the Government of Rafael Correa

5) to reject and to condemn President Rafael Correa for his infantile and fictional declarations against the Indigenous movement that only play into the hands of the right and generates racism and discrimination against Indigenous peoples.

6) to reject the offense of President Rafael Correa against the historical and heroic figure of general Rumiñahui.

7) to request the tabling of the project of the Mining Law and the immediate application of the Mining Mandate approved by the Constituent Assembly, and to oppose the extractive policies of the National Government and transnational companies.

8) to demand from the National Government an effective answer to the increase in food prices resulting from transnational agriculture businesses.

9) rejection of the traditional oligarchical right and the Bishops of the Catholic Church for trying to confuse and manipulate the conscience of the Ecuadorian people.

In the Organizational, Social and International

10) to promote the use and handling of Kichwa, Shuar and other Indigenous languages both written and spoken in educational centers, public entities, and other community spaces as mechanisms for the implementation of Plurinationalism.

11) we denounce the conglomerate company Cotopaxi that, with the authorization of the Political Intendency and Governor of Cotopaxi, is moving against communities and Indigenous families in the province.

12) we demand that State organisms apply the Constitutional Tribunal resolution concerning the problems facing the Mayorship of Yacuambi.

13) solidarity with Betty Acaro against landowner persecution in the province of Loja.

14) support for the struggle of the people in Bolivia led by president Evo Morales, and to stay vigilant in the face of any boycott or aggregation of the referendum on August 10.

For the Government Council

Humberto Cholango
President of Ecuarunari