Dear Readers…

Dear Readers:

World War 4 Report will likely be at a reduced level of activity throughout the autumn, as I will again be traveling on assignment. We may have to suspend the monthly edition for an issue or two, although the Daily Report will remain active. Due to lack of reader response, we are considering dropping the monthly edition permanently, and we would appreciate some feedback on this idea.

The Daily Report will continue to “blog the news” that doesn’t make the news from around the Fourth World. But only the feature format of the monthly edition can bring in-depth journalism such as Sarkis Pogossian’s report on the Muslims of China in the current issue, or my own polemic against right-wing conspiracy theory’s inroads on the “left.” So if you want us to keep the monthly edition going please let us know—preferably with a donation. Sarkis Pogossian is deeply in debt after his self-financed trip to China, and we are trying to help reimburse him. If we can raise just $500 over the autumn, we will pledge to keep the monthly edition going.

What do you say?

Thank you, shukran and gracias,

Bill Weinberg

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