Coming Soon: World War 4 Report Reloaded

Dear Readers:

World War 4 Report’s autumn hiatus turned out be longer and deeper than we had anticipated, with your chief editor and trusty blogger under a state of force majeure for several weeks. But we are back. The Daily Report news blog is being updated each day, with some (shall we say?) lively interchanges in the reader comment section.

We are currently preparing a long-overdue major redesign of the website, which we will be unveiling sometime over the winter. After years of reader complaints about the format, we are working on something that will be more graphically exciting and user-friendly.

One question we are still grappling with is whether to continue the monthly e-journal in the new format. How much does it mean to you to have a magazine-style forum for a few offerings of finished journalism and commentary each month, in addition to the daily digests and bloggery? We put it to the readers as this month’s Exit Poll, as well as asking you to vote with a donation.

Before we went on autumn hiatus, we pledged that if we could raise $500 over the autumn, we would keep the monthly edition going. One reader in Japan immediately contributed $100 towards that goal. That makes $400 to go.

What do you say, readers? Please be in touch with feedback—and, if you want to give us some encouragement, a donation. (It doesn’t have to be anywhere near what our Japanese reader gave, of course.)

Thank you, arigato, shukran and gracias,

Bill Weinberg

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