WW4 REPORT needs your help

Dear Readers:

We hate to admit that WW4 REPORT is facing an existential crisis, but circumstances have forced this conclusion. We depend on the success of our twice-yearly fundraising efforts to keep publishing, and $1,000 is about the minimum that constitutes success. Thus far, we have been able to meet that goal in pervious fund drives. However, since we published our fund appeal at the beginning of July, we have received only seven donations, totalling $175.

As we stated at the beginning of the month, we are offering a premium: our new pamphlet: Iraq’s Civil Resistance Speaks: Interviews with the Secular Left Opposition, Pt. 2, featuring our in-depth exchanges with Houzan Mahmoud and Samir Adil of the Iraq Freedom Congress. Virtually nobody else in either the mainstream or “alternative” media has covered this important movement. We are offering copies to the first ten people to donate ten dollars or more. That means that three copies are still available.

If you understand our mission and want us to survive (and, hopefully, grow), please send what you can today. Anything is appreciated, but if you can afford $25 or more, this will go a very long way towards allowing us to continue bringing the incisive journalism and commentary which is so endangered in this age of self-indulgent fact-free opinion-spewing, an ethic which increasingly infects the left as well as the right.

Please send checks to:

89 Fifth Ave. #172
Brooklyn NY 11217

Make checks payable to WORLD WAR 4 REPORT.

Or donate by credit card:

Thank you for your support. We can’t do it without you–really.

Bill Weinberg

July 11, 2006