World War 4 Report: Reloaded

World War 4 Report was founded in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 to monitor media coverage of the wars and interventions we all knew were coming. We have since evolved into an alternative news source, with an emphasis on solidarity with progressive forces and indigenous, land-rooted cultures in the many countries which have become a theater for the “Global War on Terror.” We have some of the most in-depth, consistent coverage in English of the civil resistance in Iraq, the Tuareg insurgency in West Africa, the Zapatistas and related campesino struggles in Mexico and Central America, and indigenous movements in the Andes.

News updates are posted daily to our website, but we now send out only one e-mail a month to our subscribers, with between five and ten links for the current feature stories. However, we have recently developed problems with our mailing list, and are no longer sure who is receiving our mailing.

This is where you come in. If you are receiving World War 4 Report and want to, do nothing. If you are not receiving World War 4 Report and don’t want to, do nothing. But If you are not receiving World War 4 Report and do want to (or, disappointingly, the reverse), please write us at the below address. We will be back in touch later this week with a solution.


Bill Weinberg

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