World War 4 Report reloaded… at last!

Well, we did it. Just in time for our 11th anniversary next month, World War 4 Report is finally ready to unveil its long-awaited new design. We said when we first launched in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, that we would publish until peace. The world has changed a lot since then—especially in the past year and a half of revolutionary upsurge—but we feel that our mission is as vital as ever. Even if the end of the Bush era represented at least a slight retreat from dystopia, the US remains at war not only in Afghanistan, but in Iraq (yes, still), in Pakistan, in Yemen. The Libya intervention represented a turning point in the Arab Spring, when Great Power politics began to overshadow the initiative of the Arab masses. Syria looks like it could be next. And while the world is paying little attention, Western intervention is looking increasingly inevitable in war-torn MaliWorld War 4 Report is virtually alone in doing the hard work of hashing out an analysis that opposes imperial agendas while loaning no comfort to dictators or jihadis.

With Latin America nearly disappeared from the headlines, indigenous and campesino movements in defense of land and water are shaking Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala and Honduras. In many of these countries, security forces are turning US-supplied guns on unarmed peasants who are protesting US-backed resource extraction projects lubricated by US "free trade" agreements. We owe these movements solidarity, and World War 4 Report is providing the most in-depth and consistent coverage available in English.

What our readers are saying:

Have not yet read an article on the ww4 site that didn't prompt me to think carefully about my position on the subject—well recommended!

—Seng-gye Tombs-Curtis, reader on Facebook

WW4report is even more relevant today than it was 10 years ago!

—J. Schmidt, New Orleans, former LAARNG (Louisiana Nat'l Guard) 2002-2004 (via e-mail)

This site is NECESSARY to world survival. Period!

—DE Teodoru, World War 4 Report comment

Bill [Weinberg is] a cathartic tornado of pure rationalism… in the end the result is the same… the intellectual air is clear and fresh… but there are some intellectual structures have been destroyed along it's path in an unpredictable pattern. 

—"Common Sense Guy" on Listener Forums, WBAI's unofficial message board

So, here's the deal. We need to pay for this make-over, and also cover our next months of basic expenses. If we can make even $1,000 over the remaining weeks of summer, we pledge we will forgo our usual year-end fund drive—we will not ask you for money again until next spring. Promise.

We want this to be a turning point for World War 4 Report. We hope we can depend on our new readers and old at this critical moment. OK readers, please do your thing…


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