World War 4 Report ditches Google Ads!

We finally took the plunge and removed the damn Google Ads from the World War 4 Report website. We were encouraged by the fact that one reader signed up to sponsor us on Patreon. We now have one Patreon sponsor, and one monthly subscriber on PayPal. Both are paying around $10 per month. The Patreon sponsor pays $1.50 per "paid" post from World War 4 Report. We pledge to keep "paid" posts to Patreon within the range five-to-ten a month. We hope we can gain more subscribers and make up for the modest earnings we got from Google Ads. Will you help our ultra-dissident voice survive?

Please support our ongoing work by becoming a sponsor on Patreon. We will happily accept between $0.25 and $5.00 per post. Payments can be discontinued at any time.

Or become a monthly subscriber on PayPal.

Thank you!