WMD report: worse than a whitewash

Well, all the lefties and Bush-haters are gloating again—this time at the new report from a presidential commission finding that the intelligence the White House received aboout weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was "dead wrong." (AP, March 31) Will Pitt of TruthOut does an impressive job of documenting how the report is actually a whitewash that allows the Administration to scapegoat the intelligence community for its own lies (or, more charitably, distortions and misreadings of data).

But even he seems to miss the more alarming point: that the report prescribes giving greater power to the intelligence community to remedy the failings over Iraq—and particularly to the ultra-sinister newly-appointed National Intelligence Director John Negroponte. That the obsession with calling out Administration intelligence lapses is actually playing into the hands of a White House that seeks exponentially more power for the intelligence apparatus is a point WW4 REPORT has made over and over. But, hey, nobody listens to us.