This man did not die in vain. He was a necessary sacrifice, just like the 2,500 servicemen in Iraq. If there is any rethinking whatsoever of our way of life predicated on profligate fossil fuel consumption, the terrorists win. From the New York Daily News, June 19:

Driver fixing bus killed as athletes watch

A group of Long Island Special Olympics athletes watched in horror yesterday as one of their drivers was killed when a truck slammed into their bus, which was stopped on the shoulder of the New York State Thruway, police said.

Driver Ephraim Williams, 42, of the Bronx, was crushed between buses when a box truck swerved onto the southbound shoulder and rear-ended the second bus, cops said.

“It was a scene I had never seen before – the damage that was done, and just to hear that they were between the two buses was terrible,” said Heidi Lindsay, Long Island director for the Special Olympics.

Lindsay said she was in a van ahead of the buses when the 11 a.m. accident occurred near exit 16 at Harriman, Orange County. Six people on the buses suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene.

“The athletes were frightened, but the coaches were absolutely phenomenal helping them stay calm,” Lindsay said.

About 40 athletes and 10 coaches were on the two buses when the crash occurred, Lindsay said. They were returning after the New York State Special Olympics Summer Games in Albany.

“It was a great weekend, but it was a tragic way to end it,” said Christopher Smith, spokesman for the New York State Special Olympics. Emil Castillogrullon of Jersey City was driving the box truck that struck the rear of one of the buses.

“The collision caused the bus to move forward, striking the lead bus as well as the bus operator, who was between the buses tending to the mechanical problem,” a state police statement said.

Castillogrullon suffered serious head injuries and was taken by copter to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla.

Williams, who worked for a private bus company, had pulled over when his bus started leaking anti-freeze, Lindsay said, and the second bus stopped behind it.

She said a coach and another bus driver helping Williams jumped out of the way just before the crash.

The athletes, who ranged from age 13 to 50, arrived back in Nassau County last night after being transferred to other buses, Lindsay said.

“Some of the athletes were too afraid to ride in the rear of the buses, but they all got home safe,” Lindsay said.

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