Another Hit-and-Run in the City
by Eyewitness News’ Carolina Tarazona

(Elmhurst, Queens-WABC, May 29, 2005) — Another hit and run in the city–this morning’s collision is the latest in a string of recent hit and run incidents. But this time, the victim survived, and the suspect did not get away. Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Tarazona is in Elmhurst, Queens right now with more.

Police say ten people are struck by hit-and-run drivers every day in New York City. Luckily, this latest victim survived. The victim was critically injured by an alleged drunk driver early this morning at 98th Street and Northern Blvd. Police stopped the driver of the red Nissan Maxima, and arrested 36-year-old Jose Castro. They say he may have been under the influence of alcohol.

This morning’s victim was hit just four blocks from the site of last Tuesday’s deadly hit-and-run. The driver of a green van with gold rims struck and killed a mother and her son just weeks before the child’s third birthday.

This week, four people have been killed by hit-and-run drivers. Mayor Bloomberg is encouraging drivers to be extra cautious, and to try and help a victim if an accident happens.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “Leaving the scene of an accident is a an outrage–accidents happen, but if you stay, maybe you can save a life.”

Since New Years Day, 17 people have been killed by hit-and-run drivers in the city. That includes a 20-year-old Russian student who was run over last Wednesday on Fifth Avenue.

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