White supremacists threaten “second amendment” mobilization in Jena

200 counter-protesters from around the country outnumbered some 30 members of the “pro-majority” Nationalist Movement who marched in Jena, LA, Jan. 21 to protest the holiday honoring Martin Luther King and the national campaign for the “Jena Six,” black teenagers charged with beating a white classmate after black students were threatened with nooses left hanging from a tree at the school. The two groups met at the LaSalle Parish Courthouse, where one member of the New Black Panthers was arrested. (USA Today, Jan. 22) Barred by Jena police from marching with two shotguns they said they needed for protection, the Nationalist Movement now says it will hold a second march in the town to protest abridgment of its “second amendment rights.” The group’s leader Richard Barrett said he has filed suit in federal court to have the town and Mayor Murphy McMillin held in contempt of court for violating an order by US District Judge Dee Drell to not interfere with the march. “We do intend to defend the Second Amendment in the best and strongest way possible,” Barrett said. (AP, Jan. 23)

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