West Bank: IDF suppress anti-wall protests again

Israeli soldiers used tear gas against anti-wall protests in the West Bank villages of both Nilin and Bilin Sept. 11. In Nilin, several protesters reportedly vomited after breathing the gas. The weekly Friday anti-wall protest at Bilin was cut off by IDF armored vehicles. Troops also used sound bombs to disperse the peaceful protesters. (Maan News Agency, Maan News Agency, Sept 12)

Israel announced days earlier that it is going ahead with a settlement plan that will create 500 new homes in Jerusalem and 450 homes in the West Bank. The move apparenyl dashes US efforts to broker an agreement on settlements with Israel, as well as hopes for even an informal dialogue between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly this month. Israel agreed to halt settlements in 2003 as a part of the so-called Road Map to Peace. (Examiner.com, Sept. 10)

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