Ward Churchill Strikes Back

Ward Churchill has released a statement on the controversy concerning his 9-11 statements, grandiosely entitled "On the Injustice of Getting Smeared: A Campaign of Fabrications and Gross Distortions." (Online at Counterpunch) He now claims to never have defended the 9-11 attacks, and actually has the chutzpah to invoke Martin Luther King and the admonition that "Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable" (which he cites to RFK, even though it was JFK who actually said it).

Churchill must think nobody is going to bother to check what he really wrote. If you go back and read the original essay, "On the Justice of Roosting Chickens," it absolutely and clearly defends the 9-11 attacks. It is the furthest thing imaginable from the MLK-type sentiments he now purports to embrace. If he has re-thought his position, we should welcome that. But he should have the courage to admit he was wrong. This is straight-up, transparent revisionism.

And isn’t it interesting that all the people running to Churchill’s defense seem to be white lefties like the folks at Counterpunch. Are any Native Americans rallying around Churchill?

Just asking.

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