Violence in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s constabulary mixed it up with anarchists at the G8 summit protests in Edinburgh yesterday, resulting in about 100 arrests and 20 injured (including two police) in six hours of street clashes. Stay tuned for more fun, as environmentalist protesters plan to blockade the nearby BP oil refinery at Grangemouth today. Meanwhile, the Scottish countryside seems intensely militarized. Writes CNN:

Mindful of the violence that erupted at previous G8 summits in Genoa, Italy, in 2001 and Evian, France, in 2003, Scottish police have been taking no chances. At Gleneagles, the rural site for the Group of Eight summit north of Edinburgh, 10,000 police were on standby amid watchtowers, surveillance cameras, a no-fly zone and a five-mile ring of steel around the hotel and country club.

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